How Do We Love Corvallis?

Jesus chose to enter the needy and broken parts of the world in order to transform humanity’s alienation into worship, ugliness into beauty, despair into hope. As Christ’s people, called to become like Him and walk with Him, we seek to do the same. There are three areas of need that we focus on:


PEOPLE: Loving those who need love the most by serving the homeless, hungry, elderly, sick, disabled, addicted and abused.


SCHOOLS: Loving our students, parents and educators by supporting local schools.


CITY: Loving our city by caring for the world God has given us.


Some of these projects are developed from the ground up but most of them are accomplished by serving and supporting existing organizations that are already working to address these needs.

About Us

Love Corvallis is a city renewal initiative involving multiple church communities committed to expressing God’s love for our city.

The following churches participate in Love Corvallis:
Christ Central Presbyterian
Corvallis Church
Grace City Church
Re:New Church

Servant’s Fellowship

Suburban Christian Church
The Branch
The Well